Mustaches vs. Cancer: Why YOU should care about hair.


A few years ago, a lacrosse team of guys existed in the sunshine filled valley of Salt Lake City. And boys being boys, they challenged each other to just about anything that yielded a champion; even mustache growing. Even though a few of them were folically challenged, their hearts were in the right place when Stefan Turkula decided to rally a few others to turn this hair-raising competition in to a fundraising opportunity for children with cancer. Thus, Mustaches vs. Cancer was born.

MvC is entering in to it’s third year and no other has looked more promising. The premise of this stache-tastic event is simple: Shave, Pledge, Grow, and Rally. Men from around the world pledge to shave their staches this October 4th and start fresh. With white mugs and excited fervor, they embark on a campaign to get loved one, co-workers, and random strangers to sponsor their mustache. The rules require the participants to post a picture of themselves weekly to show the progress of their efforts. Each week is a new addition to the website ( and each week its worth tuning in to see the hilarity, the passion, the hairness that ensues! Some men pose with their pets, others prefer the serious approach, and then there is always those participants that are blessed with a fertile face and work wonders with their mustaches.

As a woman, you’re probably wondering, “why in the heck does this mean anything to you?” The answer? “Why NOT!” Mustaches vs. Cancer is the single-most creative third party fundraising platform since Movember. And yes, we get asked all the time, “Did you copy Movember?” The answer is no. However, Movember is brillant and their strong reach throughout the world is really unmatched. The edge MvC has over Movember is that it’s all for the kids. The funds raised by growing for the cure goes to uncompensated care funds and research funds for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Care Center.

Thanks to the hundreds of men who have competed, the thousands who have donated, and the support of communities all over the nation, MvC has raised over $76,000 year to date!

So why should you care? Because this is the funnest way to help fight cancer, I can think of. For those in the Seattle area who know me and follow me on Twitter, be sure to also follow @GrowForTheCure for updates on the competition and those participating. Also be sure to join us on Facebook where we’ll be posting videos and links to our site for events in your area. And most importantly, be sure to check out the website after October 4th Shave Date to start selecting your favorite stache to sponsor OR if you are a mustache growing gentleman yourself, sign up!

Thanks for reading this till the end and learning about the power of hair. Hopefully you’ll join us in the cause!


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